Fire Warden Duties

A Fire Warden will be responsible for a designated area of the building to check in the event of the fire alarm sounding. The check (sweep) of the area should only commence if it is safe to do so. The sweep of the designated area should take no longer than a minute to complete and should conclude at the fire or floor exit.

Legislation & Legal Requirements

When the fire alarm sounds the fire wardens should immediately commence their sweep, ensuring that all occupants in the designated area are responding to the fire alarm and leaving as quickly as possible via the nearest fire exit. Once this sweep of the designated area is complete the fire warden should make their way as quickly as possible to the assembly point.

They should report to the chief fire warden that their area is clear to the best of their knowledge; it should never be certainly as somebody may have entered the designated area after the fire warden has left. If a fire warden is not in their designated area when the fire alarm sounds they should not try to make their way there but they should update the chief fire warden once they have arrived at the assembly point.  

Fire Warden's Duties

There are two main roles that a fire warden has. There is the day-to-day running of the business and there is their role once the fire alarm has been activated.

Day-to-day role:

  • The safe running of the area or floor that the fire warden has been allocated.
  • Check that escape routes and escape stairwells to ensure the compartmentation of each area is intact and that combustibles are not being stored in them.
  • Monitor egress routes and fire exits to make sure they are always kept free of obstructions.
  • Check that fire doors are not wedged open.
  • Check that final exit doors open, and are not obstructed,
  • Check that signage, fire alarm detectors and extinguishers are where they should be and no obvious misuse or fault has occurred
  • During the weekly fire alarm test, check that the fire alarm can be heard in all of their designated area

When the fire alarm sounds:

  • Put on their high-visibility jacket
  • Check their designated area,
  • Closing doors if it is safe to do so
  • Leading all occupants in their area to the nearest fire exit
  • Checking all accessible rooms including refuges and toilets
  • Reporting to the chief fire warden that their designated area is clear to the best of their knowledge
  • They may also be required to assist with crowd control, encouraging people away from the building
  • They may also be required to monitor fire exits to prevent anybody from re-entering the building until it is declared safe
  • To take part in a de-brief meeting to discuss any issues raised in the evacuation